Glynn's Gold - London Ale

Hunter and prospector HT Glynn was sighting in his rifle when he exposed a seam of gold. After buying the farm and naming it Sabie (after the river of fear), he founded the Glynn's Mining Company and it is estimated that eight million pounds of gold was mined here. Some remarkable gold nuggets were found in the area weighing 123 ounces and 214 ounces.

Glynn's Gold is an easy-drinking session beer based on a London Ale. The perfect blend of crystal clear water from the headwaters of the Sabie River, delicious hoppy florally hints combined with pale malted barley produce a clear, crisp, well-balanced beer quaffed by prospectors and hunters alike after a tough day in the mountains.


Alc. 4% // IBUs 40
Ingredients: Water, Malted barley, Hops & Yeast
Naturally-brewed / unfiltered / unpasteurised